Hanna Slowikowska


Name: Hanna Slowikowska

Nickname(s): Swarovski, Pierogi, Han

Personal Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Barrie, ON

Favourite thing about ConEd?: my fav thing about con ed is the people and the community!!!! the love and support i’ve experienced from this faculty is so amazing. i have felt welcomed from day one!

Favourite first-year class?: FILM110 !! I love movies and film110 is a great way to watch things you would never pick yourself. I loved the analysis part of it too (also a great credit that goes toward an english teachable)

Favourite thing about Teach Exec?: how funny they all are! each member of teach exec is so so funny and they can make any tuesday night super entertaining. they are also always there to support me when i need it!

Personal Spotlight: hey, i'm hanna :) I'm a second year in the i/s stream with a major and first teachable in history, and second teachable in english. i end up reading tons for school but i dont really mind! i'm one of the second year reps on CESA and was one of the first year reps last year, so if you want to get involved in anything student council pls let me know!!!! i'm a huge foodie and will eat with you anytime, anyplace... pls tam me. i have way too many celebrity crushes (we're bound to have at least one in common) and i know every word, breath, lyric and stutter to every single one direction song ever made. i love good conversation and really like getting to know new people so i'm super pumped to meet all of you !!

Words of wisdom: this transition is a lot... even for the people who seem to be having an easy time. set no expectations for yourself, it's totally okay to not feel at home during o-week, i feel you. it may take longer than you think or it may happen instantly but you will find your place somewhere here at queen's! i know everyone and their best friend tells you to get involved but i'm serious... i didn't believe that getting involved made such a difference until i entered university, it's one of the best things i've ever done. remember everyone is different, university doesn't have to be like the people you've seen on youtube or in movies, make up your own version, do your own thing and i promise everything will fall into place.

Julia Hess


Name: Julia Hess

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Favourite thing about ConEd?: I am so passionate about working with kids and I love that Con-Ed has so many amazing opportunities to learn about education and meet so many people who are passionate about teaching!! Everyone is so positive and welcoming, and it is always so cool to learn about everyone's diverse interests within the field of education and beyond!!

Favourite first year class?: MUSC 114 (teaching music to kids) is super fun, super chill, and the prof is soo nice! GNDS 120 is also an amazing course with super interesting and important content + manageable course load - I'm taking it as an elective right now and I would definitely recommend that everyone take a gender studies course at some point in undergrad!  

Favourite thing about Teach Exec?: Team GrouNDbrEAKinG is so kind, supportive, and energetic!!! They make everything so fun, and I know they are going to lead an AMAZING Orientation week!! :)

Personal Spotlight: Hi everyone!! My name is Julia and I'm so excited to meet you all!!! I am currently in 2nd year Con-Ed doing primary/junior and majoring in psychology!! I am so so passionate about working with kids and spend lots of time volunteering/working with a bunch of different organizations (virtually right now). I also looooove watching tv shows in my free time (tv shows > movies for sure) and some of my favourites are Good Trouble (the Fosters spin-off), Grey's Anatomy, and Euphoria. I also like baking whenever I get a chance so send me any good recipes you have <3 I am so excited to meet everyone!!! 

Words of wisdom: Find things you love to do!! You will hear from everyone that you should get involved in university, which is something I totally agree with, and I would build on this by encouraging you to devote your time to things you are excited about!! This includes taking classes you are excited about (if you hate a class after the first week and don't need to take it, don't be scared to drop it!!), spending time with people that make you happy, joining clubs that you are excited to go to, etc. university goes by sooo fast so I would definitely recommend choosing to do things that you like and not signing up for things just because everyone else is or it seems like you should. That being said, there are so many amazing opportunities at Queen's and extracurriculars have been some of the best things about my time at Queen's so far (if you are interested in education-related volunteer things, msg me there are so many great options!). It might take some time to find what you're passionate about but surrounding yourself with people you love and spending time doing things you love (while also taking time to relax) are super important for your mental health :)