Emma Willoughby

Name: Emma Willoughby

Nickname(s): Em, Em Will, Willoughbeast

Preferred Pronouns: She/her

Hometown: Yellowknife, NT (yes, like the Northwest Territories)

Favourite thing about ConEd?: ConEd is AMAZING because it is really just a big family.  Right away, you feel so welcomed and there is a place here for everyone.  You get to know your fellow Con-Eddies really well and the warm and welcoming sense of community is truly one of a kind!

Favourite first year class?: DEVS 100- a great introduction to global development and lots of interesting readings and projects!

Favourite thing about Teach exec?: I LOVE teach exec because they are all so warm and caring.  They do such a great job at making sure everyone is well taken care of and they are also so much fun to be around!!

Personal Spotlight: Hey Hey Hey!  My name is Emma and I am SO excited to meet you in the fall!  I am majoring in Global Development Studies and I am in I/S with teachables in French and History.  I am a lover of all things outdoors and I like to spend my free time exploring the Kingston area.  I also love sports and I play intramural hockey and basketball during the year.  I am so thrilled to be apart of the O-Week 2020 family and I can’t wait to meet all of my amazing frosh!!!

Words of wisdom: Take your time!!!  First year can be super overwhelming and you might be worried that you’re not making friends fast enough or that classes are really challenging.  Stay calm and don’t rush into it because it does take a while to get settled.  Soon enough, you’ll be used to it and it’s gonna be a great time.  Also never be afraid to ask for help! (Your teaches and teach exec always love a good life chat!!)

Megan Parson

Name: Megan Parson

Nickname(s): Meg, Parsnips, Megatron (I know that one is lame I thought it was cool in grade 2)

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Stratford! (Yes, that’s where Justin Bieber is from)

Favourite thing about ConEd?: THE COMMUNITY!!! Con-Ed makes you feel so so special as soon as you get here. It’s so nice that our faculty is relatively small so we all get to share the same Con-Ed love! Everyone is so warm and welcoming and truly wants the best for you.

Favourite first year class?: GEOL 102... aka Gemstones!! Super interesting content and barely any homework!

Favourite thing about Teach exec?: They care sooo much about everything and everyone; I know I can always count on them. They are also extremely fun and are so dedicated to making your O week literally amazing!

Personal Spotlight: Hey Hi! My name’s Megan (you can call me Megan or Meg!) and I am SO excited to be a teach and to get to meet you!! I am going to be doing P/J and majoring in French. I was a competitive dancer for my whole life and I have joined Vogue Charity Fashion Show here at Queen’s so I can still do what I love on stage while raising money for charity. I love meeting new people and am a super energized person so please come say hi if you see me on campus!!

Words of wisdom: First year is a HUGE transition so just be patient while trying to figure everything out, because I promise you will figure everything out! There are so many supports here for you (including your teaches!) so make sure to reach out if you need help. You’ve got this!!

Claire Good

Name: Claire Good

Nickname(s): Clairebelle :)

Preferred Pronouns: she/her

Hometown: a true Barrie Baddie

Favourite thing about ConEd?: Con-Ed is an insanely kind faculty filled with so many genuinely friendly and fun people! My favourite part about our faculty is Con-Ed spirit, the energy is so contagious and will rub off on you in the first few minutes of Orientation week! Everyone in our community is extremely supportive of each other which creates such a strong connection throughout the program. Con-Ed is a great bonding tool no matter where you are in Kingston! I love meeting someone new and both of us experiencing the feeling of excitement from being connected through such an amazing faculty. There are many events all year round that have allowed me to meet so many wonderful Con-Eddies and helped me feel a part of something bigger than just a group of people with the same projected career!

Favourite first year class?: I LOVED POLS110! I thought it was so interesting to learn about how our government works and how people in power make decisions! Both professors are incredibly intellectual, and Professor Rose loves to hear people’s opinions which are always entertaining because they start debates lol. I highly recommend taking this course :) Also PROF is 11/10

Favourite thing about Teach exec?: Teach Exec is so smiley and silly!!! It is extremely obvious that they all love what they do and are so passionate about orientation week and welcoming incoming students. They are all super approachable and care about everyone! We heart them :P

Personal Spotlight: Hi angels, I’m Claire, a second year PJ student majoring in Political Studies! My proudest accomplishment is knowing the Office theme song on the piano and having perfected my skill of making PC White Cheddar Mac and Cheese. I love the outdoors, camping, chai tea lattes, playing the ukulele, thrift shopping and watching documentaries! I love meeting new people and am soooo excited for orientation week! I can’t wait to meet you all :)

Words of wisdom: Please please please take care of yourself! First year is a BIG adjustment and it is so important to take time for yourself so you can be the best version of you! To be your best self you need to eat, sleep, exercise and be calm so you can tackle those big assignments! This is definitely mom advice, but mom advice is the best advice <3 Also, don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help because we are all here for you and want you to have an amazing experience at Queen’s xoxo

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The Concurrent Education Orientation Week acknowledges that Queen's University is situated on traditional Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee territory.