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Elisa Keaney

Elisa Keaney.jpg

Name: Elisa Keaney

Nickname(s): Lis

Personal Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Gananoque, Ontario

Favourite thing about ConEd?: My favourite thing has to be participating in all of our lovely traditions. So many inside jokes and cheers to learn!!!

Favourite first-year class?: My favourite first year class is 100% prof 100, we love holly. West is best!

Favourite thing about Teach Exec?: My favourite thing about being a teach exec is being able to meet so many people in other years besides my own!

Personal Spotlight: Hello con Eddie’s! My name is Elisa Keaney and I am so excited to be helping you in your transition to Queens! I am a fine art major with a minor in history, and I’m in IS, with teachables in art and English. Some fun facts about me are that I’m a libra, I’m undefeated in hide and go seek, and I make a Spotify playlist for every occasion. I’m so excited to get to meet everyone, and don’t be afraid to say hi to me if you see me on campus!!

Words of wisdom: Coming into queens can be super nerve wracking, especially trying to find where you belong. My advice is to be yourself and to get involved in the con Ed community here at queens as much as possible. Make some memories people!!!

Emma Brennan

Emma Brennan.jpeg

Name: Emma Brennan

Nickname(s): Beattie, Bren

Personal Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Kingston, ON

Favourite thing about ConEd?: My favourite thing about Con-Ed is the how welcoming and outgoing the entire Con-Ed community is! It truly is like being part of one big family and I've met some of the most amazing people in this program!

Favourite first-year class?: My favourite first year class had to be History 104/105. As a history major it was this class that made me realize my passion for history and staying up until 3am to write discussion posts really helped me destroy my sleep schedule in preparation for 2nd year!

Favourite thing about Teach Exec?: My favourite thing about Teach Exec is the attention to detail and effort they put into everything they do! It is obvious they are passionate out Con-Ed and they always find fun and unique ways to make even the most boring things (like ORT training) sound like its gonna be fun!

Personal Spotlight: My name is Emma Brennan and I am a History major in the I.S stream with teachable in history and geography. Some fun facts about me are that I am a townie but still have no idea how to get anywhere in Kingston, I have two dogs that looks like XL guinea pigs and I am on the women's rugby team here at the university. I always wear my crocs in sport mode and I've visited more countries outside of Canada than I have provinces in Canada. Excited to see you all during O-week!

Words of wisdom: First year psych100 is not the be all end all of your university career even though it feels like it probably is while you're doing it! In all seriousness though, try your hardest and do the best you can in first year but remember to be kind and patient with yourself. University is a hard transition and there will undoubtedly be assignment and quizzes and exams that make you question everything you done in your life leading up to that point but I promise it really is not the end of the world! Stay organized and don't hesitate to reach out for help if you are feeling overwhelmed. If you can set one goal going into your first year at university let it be to prioritize your mental health!!!

Jessica Kobayashi

Jessica Kobayashi.jpeg

Name: Jessica Kobayashi

Nickname(s): Jess, Giggles 🤪

Personal Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Caledon, Ontario

Favourite thing about ConEd?: Everything!!! but mostly the amazing merch I can wear to rep the best faculty at queens! Since ConEd is such a small faculty, you really get to know everyone and become a part of a tight knit family. I especially love how inclusive and warm the ConEd community is.

Favourite first-year class?: PROF CLASS!! Holly is the sweetest person you will ever meet, and this class really gives me a break from all of my math and science courses. You also meet so many Con Eddie’s here and it’s an amazing time :)

Favourite thing about Teach Exec?: How amazing they were when we met them! I was not scared for a second when I met each of the executive team, because they are all so sweet and truly want the best for us! Everyone was so helpful and are always there to talk to as well, which is super nice and helpful.

Personal Spotlight: Hey incoming class of Con-eddie’s! I’m Jess, and as part of the ConEd community, I am so so excited to personally meet each and every one of you! I am in the science stream hoping to major in Biology and minor in geography and teach I.S. Some fun facts about me are that my favourite disney movie is Ratatouille, sushi is my absolute favourite food, and I love Taylor Swift(cruel summer is my fav song btw). I also love hanging out with my friends, taking my dog Archie for hikes, and skating on the lake when it’s frozen here in Kingston!! Deciding on coming to Queens was one of the best decisions in my life, and I cannot wait to meet each of you, and welcome you into the best program we have to offer!! <3

Words of wisdom: 

“Everything happens for a reason” 

As simple as this saying is, I stand by it to this day, as many rough patches in my life have almost always lead to something happening that was for the better. Sometimes life won’t go your way, but it’s ok! This just means there is something better right around the corner waiting for you. The transition into University can be tough, but your choice to come to Queens was a great one!! You will all meet so many new friends, make many memories, and enter a new chapter of your life! Whenever things feel tough, just know, you will get through it, and come out of any situation even tougher!!

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