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Keira Holland

Keira Holland.jpg

Name: Keira Holland

Nickname(s): Key or Key Key, Reese

Personal Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Favourite thing about ConEd?: As a member of CESA and other Con-Ed initiatives, I have truly understood the importance of community, specifically the vibrant Con-Ed community. In high school, the student body was comprised of different communities, and it was challenging to gain a sense of belonging. Being involved in the Con-Ed community is the greatest privilege, as it is filled with like-minded individuals who have similar passions and aspirations. Through participating in Con-Ed events, I have determined that Con-Eddies are very uplifting, friendly, approachable individuals, always willing to lend a hand and support their fellow peers.

Favourite first-year class?: My favourite 1st year class was PROF 110! I loved immersing myself into the program and connecting with other 1st year Con-Eddies! I also enjoyed my History classes (HIS 108 & 110, as well as Art History) - shoutout to the History department!

Favourite thing about Teach Exec?: Teach Exec are very friendly, supportive, and approachable leaders. I love Teach Meetings with the Teach Exec. Their vibrant and positive energy is unmatched and they never fail to put a smile on my face. Teach Exec love a good debate on T-Swift, Dill Pickle Chips, and Washing Your Legs, so feel free to engage with them on these topics ;)

Personal Spotlight: Hello the fabulous Class of 26'!! My name is Keira Holland and I am pursuing the P/J steam with a Major in History and a Minor in French. Here are a couple fun facts about me: I was a competitive swimmer and I met Penny Oleksiak, I went to "The Next Step" concert (such a blast!), I met Johnny Orlando in a Booster Juice, I am obsessed with Gilmore Girls, and I love listening to Arctic Monkeys. I am beyond pumped to be leading your class and getting to know the upcoming frosh! Much Con-Ed love to you all! <3

Words of wisdom: Take advantage of getting involved in the Con-Ed community by joining CESA, volunteering and participating in Con-Ed events, and attending Con-Ed Camp, Con-Ed Semi Formal, Con-Ed Assassins, and many more exciting and fun events! I loved engaging with other Con-Eddies that were equally as passionate about the community through these events.

Sydney Mak

Sydney Mak.jpeg

Name: Sydney Mak

Nickname(s): Syd, ney, Sydneyyy *in a higher pitched voice*

Personal Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: BToronto, Ontario

Favourite thing about ConEd?: My favourite thing about ConEd is how genuinely welcoming and kind everyone is. Coneddies are so inclusive and work hard to make everyone feel comfortable in the safe space we collectively made. Another thing I love is that all the Coneddies I have met assuredly want to be teachers and they will be great teachers! They inspire me to want to be a better me.

Favourite first-year class?: My favourite first-year class is CLST 102: Introduction to Greek Civilization! Firstly, king Fabio teaches that class. Secondly, history major over here. Thirdly, who wouldn't want to learn about how Sokrates was the original blueprint for men?

Favourite thing about Teach Exec?: My favourite thing about Teach Exec is the chaos that erupts when we have debates (wink, Taylor Swift). I also love the yearly dance that they teach us.

Personal Spotlight: Shake and shimmy class of 2026! I am beyond excited to meet you all and show you what awesome events we have planned. My name is Sydney Mak and I'm from Toronto; I live directly in Kensington Market, which probably explains why I'm a bubble tea addict. Thai milk tea from Chatime>> I am majoring in history and planning to have teachables in history, geography, and Indigenous studies. I also want to receive my qualifications for P/J. Fun facts about me are that I can sleep with my eyes closed (impressive I know), will cry without fail to the movie 'Coco', favourite vegetable is snow pea sprouts, lover of late-night talks and car rides, and will 101% beat anyone who challenges me to Just Dance. My hobbies include reading thriller novels that make me scared to sleep at night, traveling, napping, playing sports, and shopping for clothes I cannot afford. I am honoured to be one of your teaches for this year and please don't hesitate to say hi or stop to chat whenever you see me!:)

Words of wisdom: "If you don't try, you'll never know." "Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up." "zoo wee mama." These are all wise words that I looked back on every time I'm facing a challenge. I think the most important thing in the first year is to try to step out of your comfort zone, whether that be in making friends, exploring Kingston, or even trying something new. If you try new things, you'll gain new experiences and memories that will help you in the long run. I can assure you that if you stay humble and kind to those around you, you'll attract friends in no time. Be true to yourself and manifest good things for yourself! We are continuously learning and growing until the day we die, which makes none of us perfect, but we can own our flaws by being open to new ideas, advice, and criticism. You're going to make so many fun memories here at Queens! Get involved in clubs or teams, meet new people, try a new drink at Starbucks, wait for what feels like hours in the Lazy line, laugh at jokes, work smarter not harder, have fun, and remember to breathe every now and then!:) If you ever need a friend or someone to go on bubble tea runs with you, I'm are here for you! 

Samantha Shendelman

Sammy Shendelman.heic

Name: Samantha Shendelman

Nickname(s): Sammy, Sam

Personal Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Thornhill, Ontario

Favourite thing about ConEd?: My favourite thing about ConEd is the people!!!!! It is not possible to meet anyone in con ed (no matter the year) that is anything less than kind, welcoming, and easy to talk to. I also love that everyone in the program is incredibly passionate about being the most amazing teacher they can be for the future generation.

Favourite first-year class?: LING 100. The profs are really great, and I got to learn so much about language that I did not know before. It even inspired me to major in linguistics!

Favourite thing about Teach Exec?: They are so passionate about creating the most amazing orientation for everyone! All of the people on Teach Exec are really approachable and would be so happy to talk to you about anything. They also know how to make everyone laugh, feel welcome, and have a good time!

Personal Spotlight: Heyyyyyyyyy class of 26! My name is Sammy and I am so excited to welcome you into the ConEd family. I am hoping to be in P/J and major in linguistics. Here are five facts about me… 1) I lived in Gordon Brockington in first year and absolutely loved it 2) baking cookies is one of my favourite things to do (maybe I’ll make you some one day!) 3) I love reality tv and broadway musicals 4) I love to dance and my favourite style is tap 5) I have wanted to be a teacher ever since I can remember! If you ever see me around campus, please say hi. I am so excited to meet you all.

Words of wisdom: Your first year of university comes and goes so quickly. Make sure to enjoy every moment of it (even when it may seem stressful) and be yourself. Remember that everyone going into university is in the same situation as you and wants to make friends. So, with that said, do not be afraid of saying hi to someone you do not know. I promise it will make their day and you might become great friends!

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