Zachary Galvani

Name: Zachary Galvani

Nickname(s): Zach, Zach Attack

Preferred Pronouns: He/Him

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario

Favourite thing about ConEd?: The people! As a Con-Eddie, you become a part of an incredibly passionate and energetic faculty. The people are so kind and encouraging, and someone is always there to support you and help you succeed! You will have a hard time trying to find another community that is as spirited, close-knit, and welcoming as the Con-Ed family! There are tons of opportunities to get involved and we are so excited for you to join us!

Favourite first year class?: PHAR100! Intro to Pharmacology is a great and fairly easy elective that covers a wide range of really interesting, relevant topics!

Favourite thing about Teach exec?: Every member of Teach Exec is incredibly unique and supportive! They are all so dedicated to making O-Week as amazing and inclusive as possible for everyone, and if you ever need to turn to someone for encouragement, a laugh, or any kind of support, they are the best people out there!

Personal Spotlight: Hey everyone! My name is Zach and I'm going into my second year of Con-Ed! I'm in the I/S stream and I'm planning on majoring in Biology and minoring in French! When I'm not napping or binge watching The Office and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you can find me eating cake at CoGro, hanging out with friends, or pretending to study in the basement of Douglas! If you see me around, feel free to come say hi and talk to me about literally anything, I'm always down to learn new things and/or laugh way harder than needed at any joke I'm told. I'm super excited to be a Teach and I'm looking forward to meeting you all in September!!

Words of wisdom: The transition from high school to university is often really overwhelming and daunting. Remember that just about everyone else around you is going through the same adjustments and that there are TONS of resources available to you if you need any help or support! Your time at Queen's will be a period of discovery where you'll have the opportunity to meet so many amazing people and get involved in ways you never could've imagined before. Things will probably not go exactly as planned, but don't let that discourage you! Make the most of out of every experience and in time, you will carve your place in the community!

Ashleigh Labelle

Name: Ashleigh Labelle

Nickname(s): Ash

Preferred Pronouns: She/her

Hometown: Perth

Favourite thing about ConEd?: My favourite thing about ConEd is how friendly and welcoming everyone is. It makes everyone feel like they are a part of a close community and since it's a smaller faculty you get to know people really quickly. ConEd is also very proud to show that they're ConEd, cause we are the best duh, but it makes all the ConEd events that much more fun.

Favourite first year class?: Psychology

Favourite thing about Teach exec?: My favourite thing about teach exec is how approachable and helpful they are. They put so much work into everything they plan to make sure everyone has the best O-week. They're so friendly and are super good at what they do.

Personal Spotlight: Hey! My name's Ashleigh and I'm so excited to be a part of welcoming the class of 2024! I knew as soon as I finished my O-week that I wanted to be a part of it again, so I'm super happy to get to enjoy it again but as a teach :) I love dance and am on the Queens hip hop performance team as well as being a part of Flow and QDC, which are all super fun definitely recommend! I enjoy hanging out with my friends and, I'll admit it, making tik toks. In second year I hope to join more dance on campus and get even closer with my friends as well as have the best frosh week ever with the class of 2024 :))

Words of wisdom: Everyone may say this, but don't be afraid to go out and join clubs and attend events, get involved! It's a great a way to get to know more people and make new friends as well as find something you can devote time to that isn't school work. It's a great way to give yourself a break, make friends and do something fun.

Krista Williamson

Name: Krista Williamson

Nickname(s): Kurtis, Kurt, Krispy

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

Favourite thing about ConEd?: My favorite thing about con ed is how welcoming everyone is! Every person I've got the chance to meet is so warm and friendly, and that's students and faculty! I love that I can just go into the con ed office and hangout with whatever people that are there and have a good time. You don't have to know a single person there and there are no questions asked when you go join them!

Favourite first year class?: PROF 100 definitely.

Favourite thing about Teach exec?: The best thing about teach exec is how different they are from one another! It probably sounds obvious, but you can really see that each of them is a unique person. Them being different is what makes me so excited to get to work with them! Their various ideas and perspectives together is gonna make this o week one of the best!!

Personal Spotlight: Hi I'm Krista! I wanna teach I/S bio and math (I think? that could change)! Some things about me are that I used to dance, I like musical theater, and I play a bit of guitar, but I'm also super outdoorsy! I go on a lot of hiking trips, canoe trips and I taught downhill skiing for a few years. Even though I'm from ottawa, I love BC so so much because of the mountains :) I'm so excited for o week and to meet you all!! Even if I don't get to have you as one of my frosh please come say hi!! I love meeting people and making new friends!!!

Words of wisdom: Take time for yourself! There could be times in first year that you feel like you are doing everything and its too much and that's ok! Yes, I think it's important to live your life when you can but if your friends want to go out and you don't, just stay home! There is absolutely no shame in that, your new friends won't mind!

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