Bryan Littlefield

Name: Bryan Littlefield

Nickname(s): Bry Guy, B-Dog, Beanz

Preferred Pronouns: he/him

Hometown: KINGSTON!!! (townies rule)

Favourite thing about ConEd?: My favourite thing about Con-Ed is PROF Class. This is the one class that you will really get to connect with your prof and your classmates and enjoy having to go to every week. You get to meet a large group of amazing Con-Eddies and have a good time learning how to be the amazing teacher you always thought you'd be.

Favourite first year class?: For all the math fans out there, MATH 120 with professor Mingo is a time and a half. Mingo keeps things nice and chill and he's all about giving a 20 minute rant about betting odds in Vegas and the exact manufacturing of the dice. Honestly though, he makes the class really fun and easy to follow along with which is all you could ask for and more in a first year math course.

Favourite thing about Teach exec?: My favourite thing about Teach Exec 2020 is how diverse they are. No one member is the same as another. Everyone comes from a different background and they all have their own stories and experiences to share!! Its great to see such amazing, unique personalities running O-Week!

Personal Spotlight: Hi! My names Bryan and really excited to be a teach in 2020!! I am a math major and am in I.S. with my teachable in math and biology! I love being active and spending time with my friends. I chose to come to Queens because I love the Con-Ed community here and couldn't see myself missing the opportunity to experience the Con-Ed love at Queens!! Yes I am a townie, no don't ask me to give you a tour. I hope you're excited for O-Week and we can't wait to see you for some funky fresh fun in September!!!

Words of wisdom: Don't bother keeping up with the Kardashians, keep up with your homework!

Niki Boytchuk-Hale

Name: Niki Boytchuk-Hale

Nickname(s): Nik

Preferred Pronouns: She/her

Hometown: Oakville, ON

Favourite thing about ConEd?: My favourite thing about ConEd is the people. Somehow each year Queen's admissions are able to hand-pick the actual best people in the entire world for this program. Being in ConEd means you are part of the family, and this family likes to have fun!

Favourite first year class?: Art History 120 - hit me up for all the flashcards!

Favourite thing about Teach exec?: Teach Exec are all around amazing humans who live, sleep and breathe O-Week (seriously).  They care so much about us Teaches and YOU, the class of '24. Once they graduate, I will have no choice but to go back to elementary school so they can be my teachers.

Personal Spotlight: HeyO! I'm Niki! I am an I/S Con-Eddie majoring in Fine Arts and minoring in Indigenous studies, which are coincidently also my teachables!  I love exploring the outdoors and (unpopular opinion) I think Winter is a great season. My favourite snacks are watermelon and cookie dough. You can catch me listening to podcasts while making art in Ontario Hall for approximately 22 hours a day - the other 2 are spent dreaming about O-week 2020. Fun fact, I cannot snap for the life of me which is super embarrassing and inconvenient. I will name my first child after anyone who can manage to successfully teach me. When I'm not at Queen's, I nanny for the cutest kiddos and work at Power Yoga Canada. I am SO excited to meet and show you all the ConEd Love!

Words of wisdom: University is hard and despite what it may look like, no one has it all figured out. Embrace the fun and crazy traditions and events in O-week and beyond. It will lead you to find your greatest friends.

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The Concurrent Education Orientation Week acknowledges that Queen's University is situated on traditional Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee territory.