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Tridib Datta

Tridib Photo.png

Name: Tridib Datta

Nickname(s): tibby (i don't mind this one), dib (hate this one), t (not my fav)

Personal Pronouns: He/Him

Hometown: Montreal & Kingston, Ontario

Favourite thing about ConEd?: The intramurals fosho and knowing that imma be shaping young minds that will run the future, I think that's pretty dope.

Favourite first-year class?: English 100 cause my TA is a dope guy, super chill and honest person

Favourite thing about being a Teach?: Knowing that I'll be there for first years coming in and helping them get through first year cause it's kinda tough ngl. But definitely being there for all of em is gonna be sick.

Personal Spotlight: I think imma major in History and minor in English but that could change. Some things bout me is that I like basketball, hockey, and soccer, my favorite teams are the Dallas Mavericks, Montreal Canadiens, and Manchester United. In grade 10 i got a 54 in math and bet myself I'll never take math again. I LOVE cereal, it's my favorite food in the world. I ALWAYS have cereal with warm milk cause it makes it taste better. I love music, mainly Lil Wayne, Usher, Chris Brown, and Ariana Grande. I hate planes, needles, the ocean, clowns, and butterflies. Literally all terrifying. I love Fresh Price, my favorite show all time, and I still to this day collect HotWheels for my collection (close to 300 cars rn). I also collect NBA jerseys (around 60 different players and teams). I HATE all vegetables and pineapple on pizza. My favorite thing to do in my spare time is drive around in my car and jam out to banger songs. Always a vibe. Another thing is I can sleep really well, my record is 16 hours straight and I wanna try and break that the second i'm done school.

Words of wisdom: Don't trip over anything in the past, especially if it's out of your control. I think that learning from mistakes or bad experiences and then forgetting about it is the best thing to do. It takes so much off your shoulders and mind. Also I say take breaks when you need, life is hella stressful and sometimes you just gotta do something else and come back to reality when ur ready.

Maddyx Lindsay

Maddyx Lindsay.jpg

Name: Maddyx Lindsay

Nickname(s): Maddie X

Personal Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Oakville, Ontario

Favourite thing about ConEd?: My favourite thing about Con-Ed is the people! Con Eddies are the kindest people and the program is such a friendly community. Con-Ed is such a fun and loving family!

Favourite first-year class?: My favourite class is definitely PROF class! You get to hangout with a bunch of Con Eddies and learn about teaching.

Favourite thing about Teach Exec?: Teach Exec does such a wonderful job at creating a community. They work so hard to ensure inclusivity and create an environment where everyone is supported in every aspect!

Personal Spotlight: Hey everyone! My name is Maddyx Lindsay and I am so excited to meet you all. I am majoring in History and minoring in French, and am in P/J. I love playing sports; I play hockey, soccer and field hockey. I'm in Kaleidoscope and Extra Awesome club here at Queen's. Some fun facts about me; I go through almost a pack of gum a day, I love eating pickles out of the jar and I am a renowned tarot cart reader. Hans Zimmer is my number one artist on Spotify and I'm a Marvel fanatic. Welcome to Queen's!

Words of wisdom: Get involved and put yourself out there! What you put in is what you get out. Join clubs, join intramurals, go to events (especially Con-Ed ones), meet new people, and stay up to date on what's going on because there are so many incredible opportunities available.

Julia Egas

Julia Egas.jpeg

Name: Julia Egas

Nickname(s): Jules

Personal Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Carrying Place, ON

Favourite thing about ConEd?: My favorite thing about ConEd is the support system we have created with each other. ConEd is a tight-knit, inclusive community where everyone feels like family and is a place where you will form lifelong friendships. You can approach anyone in the faculty, and they will greet you with a smile. I also love how alike everyone is in conEd; it's not hard to pick us out of a crowd!

Favourite first-year class?: 

smile. I also love how alike everyone is in conEd; it's not hard to pick us out of a crowd!

Prof class aside, my favorite first-year class is PHYS 104. The demo's that Prof. Martin shows are always fascinating. You are constantly learning new things and doing unique experiments that you can take out of the classroom with you, maybe to future students ;). In addition, the labs are engaging and have so much creativity! I highly recommend this course to any first-year students.

Favourite thing about Teach Exec?: They are just "truly MMMagNifiCeNt"! Teach Execs are welcoming and energetic. They greet you with contagious conEd love and make you feel included in the community. They have excellent taste in music, humour, and are dedicated to creating a phenomenal experience for the Teaches and incoming students!

Personal Spotlight: Hey! My name is Julia. I am doing I/S and planning to major in physics and minor in math. I am so excited to welcome you all into the conEd family in September. I absolutely love musicals, drawing/painting, and I listen to a wide variety of music (I am always up for recommendations)! I have a cat named Rufus, and his middle name is Shark Bait; if you have any pets, I would love to see pictures! If you see me around campus, don't be afraid to come to say hi - even if you don't have music rec or animal photos - I love to chat! I hope you all have a wonderful transition into Queens, and I cannot wait to be with you on the journey!

Words of wisdom: "Time flies. It's up to you to be the navigator." —Robert Orben. University is such a significant change, and at times, it will feel like everything is moving so fast. My biggest piece of advice is to just slow down and take the time you need to adjust to all the shifts. You will eventually get to the place you want to be, but sometimes it takes time, do not let that overwhelm or stop you from getting there. Be kind to yourself, always!

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