Arshnoor Kaur

Name: Arshnoor Kaur

Nickname(s): Arshi

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown:  Brampton

Favourite thing about ConEd?: The sense of community, belonging, and overall happiness within my faculty. I felt like I was a part of something the second I began to experience what Con-Ed was all about. I admire the fun, happy, cheery atmosphere my faculty provides as well as how almost everyone knows each other and how close we all are the instant we meet. You could say hello to anyone and they would become your friend! It's awesome and you can feel the Con-Ed love in the air!

Favourite first year class?: My favorite first year class would have to be Art Fundamentals because of how super fun and sometimes chill it is.

Favourite thing about Teach exec?: I absolutely love Teach exec! They're so fun, happy and energetic which rubs off on anyone they're around. Also, they bring an awesome balance between, "we have to get stuff done guys," and "oh well let's have some fun!" It also feels like they are your friends which creates a super comfortable atmosphere for everyone and they are all going to make sure O-Week 2020 runs super smooth! Like Peanut butter!

Personal Spotlight: Hey! I'm Arshi and this is the best thing ever! The moment I heard that i could become a teach too, I ran for that opportunity and I am so excited to finally be a Teach, you have no idea! I am majoring in Fine Arts and in I/S with teachables in Fine Arts and history! I am a huge child at heart, super enthusiastic, energetic and kind of crazy! I love to swim, do anything outdoors or competitive; I love video games and I will absolutely destroy you at Mario kart that is a promise but you might kick my butt at super smash. Aside from that my current and ongoing goals are just having a fun time, not letting stress get to my head and being fun, open and kind to everyone like I always have! To end everything off, I am so extremely excited to be a Teach and I look forward to meeting and having fun with my future froshie woshi woshies!

Words of wisdom: Keep your head up and keep going! First-year may be tough for many reasons but no matter what it may be just remember to relax because it is just first year! So many new experiences, people, environments and all that jazz it may be super overwhelming but know we all have your back no matter what. First-year will flash before your eyes and before you know it second year is hitting you very soon! Enjoy it, relax and have some fun by getting involved with new experienced within your faculty or some clubs if you wish, just have fun!

Grace Chen

Name: Grace Chen

Nickname(s): Gracie

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Favourite thing about ConEd?: I love Con-Ed! Moving out across the country for school to become part of this tight-knit community has been incredibly life-changing for me and I love that everyone is so supportive like one big happy family! While University has a sheer variety of people, Con-Ed makes it so easy to meet like-minded individuals you will eventually call family. I have made incredible life-long friendships through this program and have learned lots about life and the world of education through the amazing people I've met here. Not to mention, our Teaches are some of the most caring people I've ever met as they want us all to have the best time in our University years!

Favourite first year class?: PSYC 100! While it can be stressful at times, it's an incredibly intriguing course and taught me so much about life and the qualities that make us all human!

Favourite thing about Teach exec?: They are such a lovely, DrAmAtIC bunch! They put in so much effort and heart into making Orientation Week 2020 into the most exhilarating experience it can be which makes me feel so proud to be working alongside them. They are so loyal and always willing to support our fellow Teaches to become the best leaders they can be!

Personal Spotlight: Hey all! My name is Grace and I'm so excited to welcome the incoming class of 2024! I am an English major with teachables in English and (likely) Geography, but I'm also passionate about Psychology and plan to get an ABQ in PSYC later on to make it into a teachable! I'm super passionate about the field of education and I also love travelling, camping, writing, and hanging out with friends! I am very much an adventurer, dreamer, and doer, so feel free to come say hi if you ever want to go out and do something fun!!

Words of wisdom: Enjoy every second of first year and always try to stay positive through every situation! This year can be one of the most life-changing, happiest, and hardest years of your life so don't be afraid to seek out new opportunities, branch out to different social groups, and reach out to others on campus if you are ever concerned about anything. First year flies by quicker than you think so seize every moment while it lasts! <3

Brendan Lerant

Name: Brendan Lerant

Nickname(s): Brendo, B-Dawg Trigger Warning, Lil' Runt (street name)

Preferred Pronouns: He/Him/His

Hometown: Ajax, Ontario

Favourite thing about ConEd?: What I love about Con-Ed at Queen's is the flexibility with academics. Regardless of what major you choose, there are many ways to fit all of the classes you need, especially if you have separate teachables in arts and science.

Favourite first year class?: MUSC 191: So many juicy memes coming your way

Favourite thing about Teach exec?: I appreciate team DrAmATiC's willingness to listen to feedback and follow up with the ideas or concerns brought to them. Although they have a vision, they are willing to compromise their ideals for what works best for the teaches.

Personal Spotlight: Hey y'all what's poppin', I'm Brendan (called Brendo often)! I'm studying a Bachelor of Music with teachables in music and math. Catch me playing a jazzy riff or two on the trumpet in Harrison LeCaine or the Isabel. Aside from my instrumental business, I enjoy singing, playing video games, socializing, sports, and exploring! My goals going into my third year of Con-Ed are to allocate my time more towards my studies on a regular basis. I'm a very busy person, thus I often procrastinate my work. I may seem to be a loud extroverted person but I'm always down to have long 1-1 discussion about anything anytime. I'm happy to help out anyone and help them find their sense of belonging in the bustling campus of Queen's.

Words of wisdom: 1) Don't be afraid to say NO if you have too much stuff on your plate. In university, there are so many opportunities that will come your way. You can get involved with many clubs, intramural teams, student council positions, jobs, volunteer positions, etc. All in all though, your health is your #1 priority. Don't burn yourself out on things you feel like you have to always commit to and be honest with saying that you can't commit to things or you're not willing to attend things. Do what makes you happy and what makes success come your way.

2) Don't be afraid to reach out to resources and other people. Many people want to create the illusion that they know what they're doing even if they don't. The amount of help others can give you is tremendous and people will willingly help you if you ask. Although asking questions may be daunting, finding someone to talk to can work measures for your stress levels and overall mental health.

3) When swiping your student card at the ARC facilities, put your right thumb on your face (of your student card) or else it won't work.

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