Destinee Joly

Name: Destinee Joly

Nickname(s): Zesti, Neenee

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Sudbury, Ontario

Favourite thing about ConEd?: My favourite thing about CON-ED is the people in it. I love the sense of family you get within this faculty and overwhelming sense of love from everyone because everyone just simple cares.

Favourite first year class?: Geography 102 - You learn about awesome things like Volcanos and Hurricanes

Favourite thing about Teach exec?: My favourite thing about teach exec is how kind they all are. They each make a point out of their lives to message each teach and make sure all is well.

Personal Spotlight: Hey!!! My name is Destinee (with two e’s) and I am incredibly excited the be a teach this year!!! A little about me is that I am majoring in Geography, I love travelling and one day hope to see everywhere the world offers. I love sports like basketball and volleyball! I also teach Sunday school at my local church! Anyway, I’m always looking to make new friends so if you ever see me don’t be afraid to say hello!!!

Words of wisdom: Make friends, and put yourself out there. You will not regret getting involved in this amazing faculty. You will meet so many new people and life long friends. I didn’t believe that o-week was where i would meet my bestfriends, but after going to all the events i found out that its true. You got this!

Daniel Amodeo

Name: Daniel Amodeo

Nickname(s): Dirty Dan

Preferred Pronouns: He/Him

Hometown: K-Town babeyyyyyyyyy

Favourite thing about ConEd?: The community!!! Con-Ed really is a family and makes it feel like you’re a part of something amazing. You’ll meet a ton of beautiful people in this beautiful faculty! So that and Ciaran Allman are my favourite things about Con-Ed.

Favourite first year class?: I’d have to say Physics 104/106! Lots of very interesting topics if you’re a nerd like me, not to mention some great Profs. Certainly on the harder side, but if you’re up for the challenge I'd highly recommend attempting to pass the exam.

Favourite thing about Teach exec?: Hands down Social Teach Jina’s accent, it soothes me.

Personal Spotlight: AHOY 24’s!!! I’m Daniel and I couldn’t be more EXCITED to see your faces in September. So, a little bit about me… I’m majoring in Physics giving me a primary teachable in Physics and a secondary teachable in Math. Some fun facts about me: I’ve never liked any haircut I’ve ever received, I can’t say the alphabet backwards, I can’t eat more than 2 pancakes in one sitting, I press caps lock twice instead of holding shift when I type, I can’t touch my toes, and I’m better than you at Mario Kart Wii. I love to travel, but don’t have any money cause I go to Queens, and I occasionally go to gym to feel better about myself. I’m very enthusiastic, but you’ll see that for yourself soon. Finally, if you see me in or out of O-week, don’t be afraid to say hi!!!

Words of wisdom: Don’t stress!!! Whether you’re worried about school, meeting friends, or living away from home, just trust the process. You will get adjusted here at Queens sooner than you think you will. Also remember to have a little fun! First year is very nostalgic for most people, so make sure to make it a memorable one.

Kyna Scarlett

Name: Kyna Scarlett

Nickname(s): Cocoa Bean, Quinoa, Keke

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Oakville, Ontario

Favourite thing about ConEd?: The sense of community in ConEd is indescribable. I’ve never been a part of a community where even if you don’t personally know someone, you know they care about you and want what’s best for you. Everyone is more than willing to help you with your journey here at Queen’s and offers any support you feel you need to succeed.

Favourite first year class?: My favourite first year class was probably HLTH 102. Really interesting and useful content, while at the same time not being too overwhelming with course work.

Favourite thing about Teach exec?: Definitely how approachable and caring they all are. They really took us all in right away and saw us as a big family. Before even really talking to them much, I felt comfortable approaching them and going to them with any concerns or issues. They care a lot about all the teaches and want us all to really enjoy this whole experience. They truly help us all bond and really become one big o-week ’20 family.

Personal Spotlight: Hello! My name is Kyna (Key-nah) and I am so excited to welcome the incoming students into the ConEd family. I’m in P/J hoping to teach kindergarten in the future, and I am majoring in sociology. During first year I volunteered weekly with children in the local community as well as joined the Queen’s Dance Club, and I couldn’t be happier with these opportunities! I’m always here to help you all with your transition into Queen’s, and I would love to offer help with any and all of your questions or concerns. I couldn’t be more excited to meet you all!

Words of wisdom: First year may throw a lot of challenges your way, but know you are more than capable of handling each and every one. Remember you only get to experience first year once, so embrace any and all opportunities and try to make the most of it! Be patient with yourself, as the transition process is different for everyone and it’s okay if it takes you some time to really adjust into your new home here at Queen’s

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The Concurrent Education Orientation Week acknowledges that Queen's University is situated on traditional Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee territory.