Kathryne Hrubesz


Name: Kathryne Hrubesz

Nickname(s): Kat, Kasia

Personal Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

Favourite thing about ConEd?: Definitely the community! It really is great to be around so many energetic and encouraging people that are passionate about teaching. Everyone I have met so far is honestly amazing and I love how welcoming our little community is on campus (CONED LOVE!!). I can’t wait for all of you to become a part of it as well!

Favourite first-year class?: GEOL104! It is a great introductory course with super interesting content and a great prof. Plus, learning about the formation of our planet, volcanoes, minerals, and tectonic plates is so interesting (at least in my opinion – geology ROCKS).

Favourite thing about Teach Exec?: My favourite thing about Teach Exec is how approachable, enthusiastic, and welcoming they all are! They’re so much fun to be around and they’re really passionate about orientation. Every member of exec is working very hard to bring you all the best possible frosh week – and they’re doing a great job!

Personal Spotlight: Hi everyone! I’m Kathryne (but you can call me Kat or Kasia) and I am so excited to meet you all through orientation! I am in I/S and plan on majoring in environmental science/biology with teachables in biology, chemistry, and geography. My hobbies include thrifting (if you ever want to go – I’m always down), cooking, and binging Netflix (my current favourites are B99 and Parks and Rec). I love fun puns – if you have any good ones, I would love to hear them! Feel free to reach out whenever you want – I am always here for all of you and would love to chat :)

Words of wisdom: I know this is said often but it is honestly very true – be yourself! Frosh week is a great time to meet new people and to participate in fun activities. If you stay true to yourself, you’ll definitely find people with similar interests as you. First year goes by quickly, so don’t be afraid to make the most of it! Join clubs and push yourself to get involved and to experience everything that Queen’s has to offer!

Laura Smith


Name: Laura Smith

Nickname(s): never had any :(

Personal Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: North Gower! (tiny town in Ottawa)

Favourite thing about ConEd?: My favorite thing about Con-Ed is how friendly and approachable everyone is! It is the most friendly faculty at Queen's, you'll always be able to find somebody to talk to or get help from! It really is a big family! There are also some amazing events like Con-Ed camp and Con-Ed formal that are super fun and reinforce the feeling of Con-Ed love!

Favourite first-year class?: My favorite first year class is DRAM 100! It is the general first year drama class (taken by anyone, not just future drama majors) and you get to explore a ton of new aspects of theatre, read/watch some super interesting plays, and do a couple fun and unique performances with your tutorial group!

Favourite thing about Teach Exec?: 2021 Teach Exec are the sweetest people on the planet! They all genuinely care about how you're doing and want to help if you're having a rough week! They're all super approachable and absolutely hilarious! You won't find people more dedicated to O-Week than them!

Personal Spotlight: Hi everyone! My name is Laura and I'm so excited to meet all of you during 2021 Orientation!!! I am going into my third year at Queens in my bachelor of music! I'm in I/S with teachables in music and drama, and an ABQ in social science! I've always loved interacting with people and helping them out so when I thought about being a teacher, I knew it was meant to be! I'm from a very small town called North Gower, just outside Ottawa! You can literally stand at the edge and see the other side so I think Kingston is huge!! I love musical theatre and absolutely everything Harry Potter (I'm a Hufflepuff)! I can't wait to meet you in September and please feel free to reach out if you ever need anything! Welcome to the Con-Ed family!

Words of wisdom: The best advice I can give you is to be yourself (basic, but true), and give yourself time to settle in! Moving from high school to university can be a really big change and you might find yourself feeling really stressed and a little nervous. Just know that everyone else is feeling the same, you are not alone! Don't be afraid to reach out to someone like your residence don or one of your fabulous teaches! We have all been through the same thing and would absolutely be able to help you out! Remember that you will find your rhythm and your place at Queen's and you'll always have a whole faculty filled with Con-Ed love to fall back on!

Olivia Horvat


Name: Olivia Horvat

Nickname(s): Liv, Via

Personal Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Waterloo, ON

Favourite thing about ConEd?: My favourite thing about Con-Ed is how close we are. It definitely feels like a family and everyone supports one another. There is always an opportunity to talk to new people and form many new friendships.

Favourite first-year class?: My favourite first year class would be introduction to Languages, literature and cultures, or LLCU111. In this course, we learned about the development of languages and the differences in cultures in terms of political and social structures. The prof was super supportive and the course was very interesting.

Favourite thing about Teach Exec?: I love the energy that the teach Execs bring to the table. They are always enthusiastic about the role they play which is very contagious. Orientation week wouldn't be as fun without their crazy energy.

Personal Spotlight: Hi everyone!! My name is Olivia Horvat and I can't wait to meet you guys! I am in the Primary/Junior division and I am thinking of majoring in Sociology (although as of the time I am writing this, I am really unsure if I'm being honest). I love to read, my favourite author being Nicholas Sparks, and I absolutely love to travel (Bermuda and Croatia are my favourite places hands down). I would also consider myself a very artistic person, as I also love to draw, paint and although I can't do it very much I also love pottery! I am very approachable and kind, so feel free to reach out whenever and I'll be happy to help or just talk! Can't wait for September!

Words of wisdom: One thing I'd say is don't be afraid to reach out. This can be to anyone; fellow coneddie's, upper years, your prof, TA etc. This can be very beneficial to you for your future at queens. Not only will you start to build a family with those in your program or other students, but your grades will also improve if you ask those questions! Everyone would love to hear from you, so don't let your fears stop you from talking to everyone :)