Hannah Byron 

Amy Newnham

Anna Price

Michelle Tomczyk

Nickname(s): Han, Hannah Banana, Potato

Personal Pronouns: she/her

Hometown: Huntsville, ON.

Favourite Thing About Con-Ed:  My favourite thing about Con-Ed is the spirit! There are so many traditions and aspects of our faculty that are uniquely Con-Ed and made great by the strong sense of community and identity we have. It takes a very special person to be a Con-Eddie, who has chosen to dedicate their life to educating future generations!

Favourite First Year Class: PHIL 151 - Great Works of Philosophy (at the castle)! I loved this course, it was basically just a class full of awesome intellectual conversation and arguing (which I'm v good at lol). Also, if you're from the castle and you know Prof. Ben Martin... he's adorable <3 ... enough said

Favourite Thing About Teach Exec: How personable they are! They're super fun and silly and very approachable. We <3 them.

Personal Spotlight: Hellloooooo Con-Ed Frosh!! My name is Hannah and I am so excited to be a Teach and to hangout with you all! I am a little bit different than my fellow Teaches because I am actually going into my fourth year (I am very old) AND I went to the BISC in my first year (that castle in England that you can go to)! I am also a BISC Representative for the Con-Ed Student Association so if you're from the castle, you probably already know me! Being someone who went to the BISC, I know A LOOOTT about difficult transitions, so please don't hesitate to hmu if you ever want to talk or decompress about the changes you'll experience. I have defs been there. A little more about me: I am an English major and a Psych minor in the P/J division of Con-Ed. My hobbies include playing guitar, watching Friends and The Office on repeat, drinking lots of tea, constantly applying lip balm, and dreaming of being your fav Teach. Can't wait to meet you all!! :')

Words of Wisdom: PARTICIPATE! Get out there, get involved, GO to events, spend time on campus, check out the resources. There's no better way to make the most of your time at Queen's than doing Queen's stuff that isn't just classes, and this place really does have some preeeeetttyyy cool stuff to be a part of and to check out. Make sure you don't miss out! You are now a Queen's student - make sure you take advantage of being a Queen's student and participate in the stuff that you get to be a part of as a QUEEN'S STUDENT! You definitely won't regret it, I triple promise you :)

Nickname(s): Aim, Ames

Hometown: Cambridge, Ontario

Personal Pronouns: She/Her

Favourite Thing About Con Ed: Con-Ed is an absurdly nice faculty, there is always someone there to listen, someone new to chat to, and certainly someone to laugh with. We are a group of super unique individuals so I pinky promise that there is a friend for you within the program! The friendliness remains incredibly notable among everyone which makes for strong inter-year relationships. It's so nice to feel apart of "something bigger" and have super sweet role models!

Favourite First Year Class: GNDS 125 - Such an important class covering material in really relevant ways (aka makes you a woke legend)! If you're into looking deeper at pop culture and the issues present within it, PLS TAKE THIS COURSE! My TA is my literal hero and the work gets you so fired up! 12/10

Favourite Thing About Teach Exec: What's not to like? They are incredibly supportive and strive to bring infectious energy into everything we do! They're super devoted to their work & make us all feel cared for xoxoxo

Personal Spotlight: Hi sweet beans! I'm Amy, a second year Gender Studies major with teachables in French & History (my schedule is a nightmare). My claim to fame is recognizing music the second it starts and getting overly excited when I know the words to songs, so if you ever see me at karaoke... you know what to do. I love the outdoors, travelling, film, and I'm disgustingly invested in pop culture. I'm trying to become a #skater but failing miserably, let's be friends!!!

Words of Wisdom: Things take time. Maybe you haven't met you best friends yet, maybe you're not sure what courses to take, maybe you aren't sure how to implement "me-time" into your daily routine... whatever it is, don't stress. Eventually you will find your people, you'll get to experiment with classes, and you'll learn what the necessary steps are for your self-care. The people around you might be working at a different pace than you are in order to accomplish these things, and that's okay! As a wise man once said, "this could be the start of something new" (Bolton, 2006) so let your university experience run it's course, you're gonna do amazing sweetie.

Nickname(s): Anna Banana, Banana, Squeaks

Personal Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Oakville, Ontario


Favourite Thing About Con-Ed: My favourite thing about Con-Ed is how amazing and supportive everyone is! I found that the friendliness of all the con-eddies I met in made transitioning from high school to Queens a lot easier, and the community feeling in the faculty made me feel comfortable when meeting lots of new people! All the fun events that Con-Ed runs throughout the year, as well as PROF, has allowed me to meet other con-eddies and really feel like a part of the faculty.

Favourite First Year Class: SPAN 111 (hola!) and PROF!!

Favourite Thing About Teach Exec: Every member of exec is so supportive and kind, and they radiate positive energy. They work great together as a team and they have a genuine love for everything o-week. Their enthusiasm and dedication to the incoming frosh is infectious!

Personal Spotlight: Hi, I'm Anna and I'm super excited to be a teach and to meet you all! I plan on majoring in LLCU (Languages, Literature and Cultures) and going into the Primary/Junior stream. I'm a proud chocoholic, dog lover, and Disney fanatic. I love music and I'm really open to any genre, so hit me up with any music suggestions! I'm so pumped for O-Week 2019 and I'm looking forward to a fantastic year!!

Words of Wisdom: Don't be afraid to reach out! The transition to university can be tough, but everyone is in the same situation and you're never alone in how you are feeling. There are so many great resources on campus and someone is always available to help you have the best first year possible. Your health and happiness always comes first!

Nickname(s): Mimi, Mitch

Hometown: Milton, Ontario

Personal Pronouns: She/Her

Favourite Thing About Con-Ed: Everything about Con-Ed is amazing! Whether its the high energy and community spirit we have all year round, or the friendly atmosphere where every con-eddie wants to be your friend, Con-Ed is truly a home away from home! I could not have asked for a better faculty to be in! Plus we have a lot of inside jokes to bond over ;)

Favourite First Year Class: 1000% Prof class! Reminds me of being in elementary school again because you get to sit in table groups and colour :)


Favourite Thing About Exec: All the Exec's are super friendly and hilarious! They make me smile every time I see them and you know you you will always have a friend to rely on when you meet them!

Personal Spotlight: Hi! I'm Michelle and I am sooooo excited to meet all of you! Fun Fact: I was a Kappa frosh as well so I'm super excited to carry on the Kappa legacy!!! This coming year I am going into my secound year here at Queen's where I'm in PJ and I plan on majoring in English. I'm probably most known for being very gullible and having a massive sweet tooth (especially anything involving chocolate!) I also love a good mystery or a Hallmark movie. Can't wait to meet you guys!

Words of Wisdom: Don't lock your keys in your house, and if you have a spare don't lock that in your house too ...

The Concurrent Education Orientation Week acknowledges that Queen's University is situated on traditional Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee territory.