Frequently Asked Questions

What is Orientation Week?

Orientation Week, commonly referred to as Frosh Week, consists of a series of events designed to help you transition intoto your new social and academic environment at Queen's. This year, with Orientation Week taking place online, it has been rebranded as the "Orientation Transition Period". This will take place over a series of 14 days and combine what was previously known as "University" and "Faculty" Orientation into one synchronous period. Over the 14 days you will have access to both synchronous and asynchronous events to ensure that there is something for everyone. You will gain access to resources and information about Queen's, while still getting to participate in a bunch of awesome events designed specifically for a remote Orientation Week. We are committed to ensuring our traiditions are maintained even through a virtual platform. This means that we are working diligently to transfer and modify our events to ensure you recieve the welcome to Queen's we are known for.

Who or what resources are available if I'm feeling unsure and/or nervous about certain events during Orientation week?

There are many resources available to you both prior to, during, and after Orientation week. If you have any questions or concerns prior to Orientation week please contact our Teach Exec through the Contact page. If you have questions during or after Orientation week you may also contact Teach Exec or any of your Teaches.

As well, most of, if not all, of Queen's resources will be available to you during Orientation week. We will have a list available for you on here at a later date, or now upon request.

Do I have to attend every event?

No. Although we suggest you attend all events as they over many experiences and memories, but none of the events are manditory. We do ask that you notify your Teaches if you are planning on not attending an event.

Is it just going to be information being thrown at us?

NO! We are working so hard to ensure your Orientation is as engaging and fun as it can be. We have crafted a series of creative events and have modified our traditions so that you all will still get to participate in them. More than anything, we are dedicated to ensuring that the strong bonds created during Orientation are maintained and that you are given as many opportunities as possible to find your home within our faculty.