The Concurrent Education Orientation Week Executives, also known as Teach Exec, are in charge of planning orientation week, hiring leaders, implementing training and making Orientation week run smoothly. Meet team


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Head Teach 
Zachary Galvani 

Nickname(s): Zach, Zach Attack, "Z" Teach

Personal Pronouns: He/Him/His

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

Favourite First Year Course: PHAR100! Intro to Pharmacology is a great and fairly easy elective that covers a wide range of really interesting, relevant topics!

All About Zach: Hi folks! My name is Zach and I am incredibly excited to be your Head Teach on Teach Exec 2021 (Team GrouNDbrEAKinG)! I have loved all the time I’ve has spent at Queen's and in the Con-Ed community, and I’m stoked to be able to be welcoming all the students of the class of '25 into this family. In my position as Head Teach, I’m involved in a broad range of big picture tasks, including meeting with Deans and University administrators, being the liaison between Con-Ed and Orientation Roundtable (ORT), overseeing Orientation Week planning and the Teaches, clothing orders, and lots more exciting work! Outside of this role, I’ve been an active member of the Arts and Science Undergraduate Society (ASUS), spending my first year as an intern and more recently serving as the Deputy Academics Commissioner! I can often be found at CoGro Coffeehouse eating a bagel bruschetta (sooo good), studying at Stauffer Library, or spending time in our very lovely Con-Ed office with friends! I’m in third year biology with a French minor, with teachables in both those subjects. A fun fact about me is that when I’m not on campus, I live in London, England! I still consider Queen's home though and cannot wait to meet and connect with all the amazing new Con-Eddies joining us in September!

Talk to Zach About: Anything at all! I always aim to be a resource for you and am always here for you to make sure your first year experience at Queen's is the best it can be! I’ve had the opportunity to work in a multitude of different student societies and associations and would love to talk about different opportunities at Queen's and what it's like being involved on campus. Being in both a science and arts degree plan, I also have lots to share about interesting courses to take. I can talk all about London, and I also love Taylor Swift and would love to rank her best albums with you. I genuinely love chatting and learning more about new people, so never hesitate to reach out to me for any reason at all!

Nickname(s): ave, avedog, vLOGS with ave

Personal Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Favourite First Year Course: Math 111 & Psych 100, definitely challenging but super interesting!

All About Avery: hi everyone, I’m avery and I’m the logistics internal teach!! I’m so stoked to get be apart of con-ed orientation executive this year, i love o-week!! As logistics internal teach, I am responsible for all orientation week scheduling, inventory, bookings and attending orientation roundtable meetings. I am majoring in Biomath and am in IS with teachables in math and biology. Once I graduate, I hope to teach high school calculus or biology and eventually become a principal. When I’m not busy doing my math homework :(, I love to go on walks with my dog, have dance parties to ABBA and listen to true crime podcasts. I am currently obsessed with derry girls, saoirse ronan and stand up comedy, so if you are also obsessed with these very specific interests I would love to chat about it! I am so excited to meet you all this fall!!

Talk to Avery About: Anything, I love to talk! I have taken several science and math courses and really enjoyed psych 100, so I would love to help you out in any of these areas! For the past two years I have been involved on the Concurrent Education Student Association as a year representative. CESA is an amazing way to get involved with the faculty and meet other awesome con-eddies! I have had the best time on the council, so I would highly recommend looking into it. I love meeting new friends and getting to know more con-eddies, so please do not hesitate to reach out!!

Logistics Internal Teach 
Avery Desrosiers
Logistics External Teach 
Kate Girard

Nickname(s): Katie, Logilicious

Personal Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Niagara Falls, ON

Favourite First Year Course: FREN 150 - All of the French profs are amazing and super helpful!

All about Kate: Hi everyone! I'm going into my fourth year of my French Major and I want to teach PJ (elementary school). My favourite place on campus is the top floor of Douglas Library (the Harry Potter Room); it's just so beautiful and it's really quiet and peaceful! My favourite animal is a wolf, and my favourite TV Show is One Tree Hill. During my spare time, I love to dance, and I crochet as well! As Logistics External Teach, I am in charge or ordering all equipment for Orientation Events as well as booking any materials needed. I'm so excited for Orientation and to meet all of you!!!

Talk to Kate about: Talk to me about movies! I love watching movies and TV shows! Please share any recommendations (I watch anything except for horror!). You can also talk to me about different courses, I've taken some from a lot of different disciplines, both arts and sciences! I’ve taken classes at Queen’s Dance Club for the past three years so feel free to ask me anything about that! Finally, you can talk to me about anything since I am here to support you! And if I don't know the answer, then I will know who to ask!

Academics Teach
Emma Willoughby

Nickname(s): Academma, EmWill, Willoughbeast

Personal Pronouns: She/Her 

Hometown: Yellowknife, NT

Favourite First Year Course: DEVS 100- a great introduction to global development and lots of interesting readings and projects!

All About Emma: Hello!!!! My name is Emma and I am the Academics Teach this year. I am going into my third year majoring in Global Development Studies, and I am in I/S with teachables in French and History. I am super outdoorsy person and so, during the year, you can probably find me biking along the Kingston waterfront or finding new homes to do with friends! After university I hope to travel the world and to be a super cool outdoor Ed teacher. As Academics Teach, my role is to work with the Faculty of Education to organize the academic orientation events and to support all of the Teaches in their studies! I can’t wait to meet you all and welcome you to Con-Ed!!

Talk to Emma About: Academic Integrity, Con-Ed requirements, the Queen’s Conference on Education, your favourite outdoor adventures, your pets!!!!

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Financial Teach
Krista Williamson
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Nickname(s): Kurt + Money Momma

Personal Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

Favourite First Year Course: PROF 100 definitely.

All About Krista: Hi everyone, my name is Krista! I have a huge passion for biology, the environment, and everything outdoors! I have spent time outside my whole life, whether that be hiking or skiing with my family, leading campers on paddling trips, or just enjoying the sun with my friends. I have found the feeling of home in Kingston by exploring the many hiking trails on the outskirts of the city! In high school, I was a competitive dancer and was part of a couple of my school's productions. At Queen's, my outlet for performing is the Queen's Dance Club, which offers a variety of classes with different styles and difficulty levels. I am absolutely stoked to be the Financial Teach this year, as I love to share and create accessible experiences for others. I am also very excited to share my passion for biology in the classroom, as well as help students succeed and develop their own interests in science and mathematics.

Talk to Krista About: Course selection! With so many options in university, many students find choosing courses for their plan. I love helping people with planning their years at Queen's, so if you can't make a time with an academic advisor, I will do my best to help :) 

Nickname(s): Anna to the Max, PARTYNEXTDOOR

Personal Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Welland, ON

Favourite First Year Course: French 150- We sat at a table group and our TA played us a different French song every lecture, it was very chill and easy!

All About Annalynn: Hello!! I am this year's social teach, and that means that I'm responsible for fun, equity, diversity, and inclusivity. I am in 3rd year and my teachables are English, French, and History- I also speak Romanian and some German! I am a big social sciences and arts person, and I love to paint and read. My biggest dream is to be a cowboy when I grow up, and I love travelling and road trips! I am ALWAYS down for a drive and my car is a beautiful 2005 lady Pontiac named Jolene. When I'm not doing endless readings for my classes I am tanning on my roof, consuming mass amounts of coffee from Balzac's, listening to Kacey Musgraves, or buying clothing from facebook scam websites. In the future, I hope to practice Child and Youth law before circling back to work in educational policy! I have lots of love for everyone and everything, and I cannot wait to welcome everyone into the Con Ed family <3

Talk to Annalynn About: THE MYERS BRIGGS PERSONALITY TEST. Also French, English, or History teachables, cowboys, both Footloose movies, your dreams to move to an isolated cabin in the mountains, thrifting, and dry shampoo. As your Social Teach I am here to talk to you about ANYTHING! It's my job to make sure everyone is having fun and feeling healthy! If there is something you need in order to feel more at home, I am your gal! Please never hesitate to come to me with anything at all!!! XXOXOXO so much con ed love for everyone!!

Social Teach 
Annalynn Plopp
Marketing Teach 
Ben Nethercott
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Nickname(s): BennyBoi, Lil Ben G, Benji Cord, marketing man

Personal Pronouns: He/Him

Hometown: Guelph, ON

Favourite First Year Course: My favourite first year class has to be CHEM 112. The content was not too difficult, Amanda Bongers is an incredible prof, and the labs were super interesting!

All About Ben: Hello '25 Con-Eddies!!!! My name is Ben and I am so so excited to be your Marketing Teach for Orientation Week 2021. In this position I am responsible for developing all Orientation publications, such as this website you are currently reading, producing and distributing the 2021 Concurrent Education Orientation Handbook, organizing and carrying out Fundraising Week in conjunction with Financial Teach Krista, organizing Orientation group specific merch, and conducting all Orientation Week marketing. Outside of Orientation Week, I am a third-year biology student with teachables in bio and chem who is a sucker for any bagel from Cogro Coffehouse. My favourite study spot on campus is either the  lower floors of Douglas Library or study room B126 in the Education Library on West. When I am not grinding organic chemistry or evolutionary genetics, you can find me going for walks along the waterfront, listening to Lorde at a coffee shop downtown, or rewatching Grey's Anatomy. I have SO MUCH con-ed love for the rest of team GrouNDbrEAKinG, the amazing 2021 Teaches, this program, and I cannot wait to see your smiling faces in September :) 

Talk to Ben About: Honestly anything. I can talk for hours about the most random subjects. Some of these subjects include: the MCU, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter (#proudhufflepuff), pretty much any show on Netflix (dramas, comedies, anime),  ASTROLOGY, your favourite movies, etc. Queen's specific topics include: West Campus life (I am a proud westie #westisbest), biology and chemistry teachables, science courses (physics, biology, chemistry, biochemistry), best coffee shops downtown, cool places in Kingston, and more. As a member of Teach Exec, I am here to make sure you feel supported, welcomed, and have the best possible experience as a Concurrent Education student, so do not be afraid to reach out at any time!