The Concurrent Education Orientation Week Executives, also known as Teach Exec, are in charge of planning orientation week, hiring leaders, implementing training and making Orientation week run smoothly. Meet team



Head Teach 
Alexis Pascoal 

Nickname: Lex, Lexis, Big HEAD energy

Personal Pronouns: She/her/hers

Hometown: Kingston, On (represent!!!!!)

Favourite First Year Course: Health 102. It’s honestly very interesting! Definitely one of the best electives. 

All About Alexis: Alexis is stoked to be a part of Teach Exec this year (Team DrAmATiC)! She always dreamt of going to Queen’s and becoming a teacher, and is so excited to welcome students to the incoming class of 2024 with similar dreams. The position of Head Teach requires a broad range of overarching work including clothing orders, meetings with Deans, being a liaison between the Orientation Round Table executives (ORT), general orientation week planning, overlooking the Teaches (Orientation Leaders), and more! Outside of her role as Head Teach, Alexis can be found at Queen’s varsity cheerleading practice, at the library, gym, or hanging out with her friends in the ConEd office! Alexis is in third year biology, with teachables in geography and biology, and hopes to teach IS when she graduates. She has met so many of her best friends here in Queen’s ConEd whether this be through orientation week, ConEd camp, QCE, and other fun ConEd related activities/events! Alexis considers Queen’s University her home, and ConEd her family. She cannot wait to invite over 300 new students to this big family, and is looking forward to meeting and talking with you all! 

Talk to Alexis About: Absolutely anything! First year can be confusing for some people whether that be finding their way around campus, or knowing what classes to take, but all of Teach exec, and all of the orientation leaders are here for you! She has tons of knowledge on Queen’s athletics/what it’s like being part of a varsity club or team. Alexis has also taken a wide range of both arts and sciences courses, and may be able to give you a good recommendation. She also just loves chatting and socializing and loves to make new friends, so don’t ever hesitate to talk with her!

Nickname: Big Al, Al, Log Boi

Personal Pronouns: He/Him

Hometown: Kemptville, Ontario 

Favourite First Year Course: RELS 131

All About Alex: Alex is a passionate enthusiast of all thing Logistics, and all thing Queen's! So far he has absolutely loved his time as Logistics Teach, as it has provided him with many opportunities to learn and grow as a leader. The role of Logistics Teach is fairly broad, but generally involves all room and equipment bookings, making all of the schedules, ensuring we have all of the supplies we need, and maintaining and updating this lovely website! Outside of his executive position, Alex is an active member of Queen's Bands, he spent the last year as a cheerleader and is so excited to be the incoming Operations Manager! Alex also works on campus, last year stationed at both the Residence Front Desk and Tricolour Outlet, and over the summer has worked at a variety of Queen’s camps such as ESU and ASUS Camps, and will be returning to both this summer. He loves talking to new people, and generally just loves all things Queen's! A very fun fact about Alex is that in November of this past school year he broke his first ever bone! He sadly broke his ankle and spent a long nine weeks on crutches, but has since made a full recovery.

Talk to Alex About: Anything and everything related to our school! I have tons of fun facts and random knowledge that I love to share. Being a working student, getting involved on campus, and any questions you can think of!

Logistics Teach 
Alex Fear
Financial Teach
Liam Carey

Nickname: L-dog, Carey Coin Collector 

Personal Pronouns: He/Him 

Hometown: Newmarket, ON 

All about Liam: Liam also known as Carey Coin Collector due to the amount of coins he pulls in on the daily is the Financial Executive for Orientation Week 2020! Liam ensures that the finances of Orientation week are taken care of making sure that the cost of Orientation Week is as accessible as possible for everyone. Liam also works on managing the registration of students and helping with the Orientation Week website. He is also said to be the ultimate gamer and is in love with chemistry where you can find him doing experiments in Chernoff Hall. Liam's favorite movie is Disney Pixar’s Cars and his favorite song is 3005 by Childish Gambino. 

Talk to Liam about: Money problems, different types of coins, video games, your cat, computers, chemistry, Lightning Mcqueen, disliking country music. 

Academics Teach
Paris Tomazic

Nickname: France, Mom, ACS, TomACSic 

Personal Pronouns: She/her 

Hometown: Oakville, ON

Favourite First Year Course: HLTH 101! 

All About Paris: As the Academics Teach, Paris’ job involves planning all of Orientation Week’s Academic events. She ensures that all the Orientation Leaders are in academic standing and that the Incoming Students are knowledgeable of the academic resources they need to be successful. Orientation week is very close to Paris’ heart, as that is where she found her love for the program (#conedlove!) and met many of her closest friends. Paris is passionate about all things teaching and learning, currently completing a medial in English and French and working as a swim instructor for the past three years. She also loves to travel and went on a service trip to Tanzania a couple summers ago, which gave her a life-changing perspective of the world and strengthened her love for education. Some of Paris’ interests include country music and coffee and her most prominent feature is that she is 5’0 tall. If teaching doesn’t work out for Paris, she will pursue her dream as an NBA all-star.

Talk to Paris About: How to reach the top shelf, the Eiffel Tower, the colour green, if you’re feeling uncomfortable, and of course - anything academic related!

Social Teach 
Jihanara Dossa

Nickname: Apple Bottom Jihanara, Jeans, Jean Bean, sociaLIT

Personal Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Kitale, Kenya Favourite

First Year Course: DRAM 100, would give it 12/10 academy awards!! Fun content, unconventional topics and it opened my eyes to the power of theatre.

All About Jihanara: Let’s get social!! Jihanara’s job as social teach involves all things warm and fuzzy; from fun socials for all our lovely teaches to mystery trips and group bonding events. Jihanara’s ultimate goal is to create a safe and inclusive space during Orientation Week and throughout the year with an emphasis on making connections. Jihanara is currently doing a Drama English medial and hopes to teach English as a second language internationally. She loves solo dance parties to afro beats and painting sub-par artwork. She also enjoys writing poetry and was once acknowledged for it by a sound cloud rapper with a fan base consisting of one person.

Talk to Jihanara About: Genuinely anything! Being a resource for you is important to her and she loves hearing about concerns, worries, hopes and everything in between! Being from Kenya, Jihanara loves learning about different lived experiences. She also broke her humorous climbing down Mt. Kenya and fractured her toe going down the stairs so she would love to hear about any funny stories you have. If you ever want to learn about Kenya, the places she has travelled or her multitude of embarrassing stories she is always happy to provide comedic relief.

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The Concurrent Education Orientation Week acknowledges that Queen's University is situated on traditional Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee territory.