The Concurrent Education Orientation Week Executives, also known as Teach Exec, are in charge of planning orientation week, hiring leaders, implementing training and making Orientation week run smoothly. Meet team



Head Teach 
Madison Berrisford 

Nickname: Mads, Maddy B, Mad Dawg, Rachel, Badison Merrisford

Personal Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: London, ON

Favourite First Year Course: Drama 100

All About Madison: As Head Teach, Madison's job mainly involves overseeing all of our Teaches, working with student leaders from other faculties and our Teach Exec, and communicating with Concurrent Education faculty members as well as outside stakeholders. Madison is going into her third year at Queen's where she majors in Drama and is working towards teachables in both English and Drama. Madison's favourite movie is Saving Private Ryan and her favourite colour is scarlett. In her spare time, she loves yoga, dance parties, the lake, exploring Kingston and watching the sunset wherever she can find one!

Talk to Madison About: London, ON, crystals, country music, online shopping, and anything else you would talk to a mom about


Nickname: Big Julia, J, Jules

Personal Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: London, Ontario

Favourite First Year Course: HIST 124! 

All About Julia: Julia is loving her time as the Logistics Teach for the 2019 Orientation Week! As Logistics Teach, Julia's role includes many different jobs to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Namely, these jobs include room and equipment bookings, scheduling, supplies ordering, designing this website and even writing all of these Teach Exec bios! In her spare time, Julia is an avid fan of Law and Order: SVU and loves to read books written by both women in comedy and women in politics. Julia's favourite animal is the squirrel, specifically the ones that live behind Little Cesars and eat pizza! A fun fact about Julia is that she has 4 ankle bones and no appendix! Julia's favourite food is food is mashed potatoes and her favourite website is WebMD.

Talk to Julia About: Best gluten free places to eat on campus (#celiacthings), Dr.Phil, cheese, the Obama Family, and all things feminsim 

Logistics Teach 
Julia Andersen
Financial Teach
Josh Maligaya

Nickname(s): The Money Man

Personal Pronouns: He/Him

Hometown: Kitchener, ON

All About Josh: As the Financial Teach, Josh, or "The Money Man" as he is often called, is responsible for all things money! Josh works hard to manage our budget and ensure that Orientation Week is accessable for everybody! Further, Josh manages o-week registration and coverall ordering and designed the Con-Ed O-Week Handbook (check it out!!). Josh is not only skilled at money management, but he is also skilled at both athletics and music. Most days, you can find Josh on the ARC basketball courts destroying his competition. He is also a highly talented musician, with a voice so beautiful it can bring a tear to your eye! Josh's favourite movie is How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and his favourite song is Nickelback's 2005 smash hit single Photograph. 

Talk to Josh About: money$$$$, basketball, his cool glasses, your feelings, the Royal Family, help with your math homework, best ways to get around campus on crutches

Academics Teach
Emily Coulas

Nickname(s): Em, CoulAcs

Personal Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Pembroke, ON

Favourite 1st Year Course: PSYCH 100

All About Emily: As the Academics Teach, Emily's job involves all things academics! She worked hard throughout the winter semester to ensure that all of our Teaches were academically successful and she is continuing to work hard to ensure that all of our incoming students have the academic resources they need to be successful! Emily is the most athletic member of Teach Exec and is a 3 time intramural basketball star. She has a vertical of 9 feet and a game face that sends her competition running! Born and raised in the small town of Pembroke, Ontario, Emily enjoys spending time exploring the big city of Kingston! When shes not #balling, Emily enjoys Dominoes pizza, stand up comic John Mulaney, and playing pick up hockey with Julia the Logistics Teach on one of Kingston's many outdoor rinks (bring your skates!!). Emily's favourite holiday is Groundhog Day and she once cried at a Bryan Adams concert. 

Talk to Emily About: sports, Luke Combs, Brooklynn 99, any deals on Dominoes pizza that you may find

Social Teach 
Jacob Pittini 

Nickname(s): Jazberry

Personal Pronouns: He/Him

Hometown: Toronto, ON

All About Jacob: As the Social Teach, Jacob's job is to plan fun social activities both for the Teaches prior to Orientation Week and the incoming students during O-Week. Jacob is going into his third year and is doing a medial in Drama and English with teachables in both subjects. Jacob loves the theatre and is very involved in the Queen's drama community if you have any questions about it! Further, Jacob is a ~social butterfly~ and loves to chat and make new friends! Jacob's favourite singer is Beyonce and if teaching doesn't work out for him Jacob would either be a YouTube star or a puppeteer. 

Talk to Jacob About: literally anything, he's a big talker, Cats! The Musical, the Theatre, his celeb crush on Judge Judy

The Concurrent Education Orientation Week acknowledges that Queen's University is situated on traditional Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee territory.