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The Concurrent Education Orientation Week Executives, also known as Teach Exec, are in charge of planning orientation week, hiring leaders, implementing training and making Orientation week run smoothly. Meet team

Team MMMAgNifiCeNt

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Head Teach 
Megan McDowell 
Megan Headshot.JPG

Nickname(s): MEGAtron, Megs, Meggie Moo

Personal Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Favourite First Year Course: MUSC114 - "Teaching Music to Elementary Children"! I absolutely loved this course because it was so fun to learn about music in the context of teaching elementary school students, and being able to apply both music and education skills to projects! This class was an amazing exposure to lesson plans and teaching tools, while also providing the opportunity to learn how to play the ukulele!

All About Megan: Hi everyone! My name is Megan and I am Head Teach for Orientation 2022! I am a medial in Music and Psychology, and I'm in P/J because I can't wait to have a colourful classroom carpet for circle time with songs!! I love to perform in musical theatre shows, sing, swim, and walk my dog! I am also a huge adventure enthusiast - ask me about my "That's My Dream" List and I'll tell you about every thrilling escapade I hope to experience! I absolutely love the Con-Ed Community and feel so happy to be welcoming the Class of 2026 to Queen's! Team MMMAgNifiCeNt is so passionate about our faculty, and I am so excited to spread Con-Ed Love throughout O-week and beyond!

Talk to Megan About: Absolutely anything and everything!!! Whether it is about Orientation, Con-Ed, Queen's, or life, I am here to listen and support you! I am so excited to see all of your smiling faces and am happy to chat and connect about anything you'd like to share! As Head Teach I am not only a resource, but a friend who is ready to show you all the amazing opportunities that university has to offer! Teach Exec is here for you, we love you, and we can't wait to meet you!

Nickname(s): Logsimo, Mass, Massi

Personal Pronouns: He/Him

Hometown: Mississauga, ON

Favourite First Year Course: HIST104/105 - Pre- and Post-Confederation Canada! These were the courses that inspired me to become a History major! Canadian history is very different, and a lot more interesting, than the Canadian history you have to take in high school! Steven Maynard was a great professor and the layout of the courses were very straightforward. HIST228 is my pick for an upper year History course; learning about pandemics during a global pandemic? Absolutely.

All About Massimo: Hey everyone! I'm Massimo and I'm this year's Logistics Internal Teach (but you can call me Logsimo!). As Logistics Internal Teach, I am responsible for all orientation week scheduling, inventory, bookings and attending weekly orientation roundtable meetings alongside Maeve and Megan! I am an I/S student with a major and primary teachable in History and second teachable in Drama! I plan on getting an English ABQ as well (feel free to message me if you don't know what an ABQ is!) My hobbies include creative writing, listening to music, fashion, going out with my friends, and watching Euphoria. My top artists at the moment are Fiona Apple, Taylor Swift, and Lana Del Rey. Let's compare Spotify Wrapped(s)!

Talk to Massimo About: Anything and everything! I am here to support you. In particular, I love helping my friends with course selection as I know it can be quite daunting. I have also been a Year Representative with the Concurrent Education Student Association (CESA) since my very first year at Queen's, so if you have any questions about getting involved with the association or about our program in general please do not hesitate to reach out!

Logistics Internal Teach 
Massimo Recupero
Massimo Headshot.JPG
Logistics External Teach 
Maeve Stemp
Maeve Headshot.JPG

Nickname(s): UnderLogs, Miss Maam, Auntie Maeve

Personal Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: North Bay, ON

Favourite First Year Course: ENGL292, Literary Theory and Criticism

All about Maeve: Hello!! My name is Maeve, and I'm your Logistics External Teach for this year!! I'm majoring in English and minoring in French, and I'm in P/J because I want to teach kindergarten some day! I absolutely love wandering around Kingston, reading trashy detective novels, and being around as many plants as possible. I absolutely fell in love with Con Ed during my orientation week, and know first hand how wonderful orientation can be! I'm so excited to be a part of this year's team, and I am so excited to welcome the class of 2026 to Con Ed! It is truly the best faculty, and we're so excited to have you be a part of it :)

Talk to Maeve about: You can talk to me about literally ANYTHING! With respect to my position, I'm your gal for meeting minutes and information, the orientation handbook, and any logistics-type questions, or any Orientation Week questions whatsoever. I'm also here if you want to chat about reality tv, plants, Con Ed, or the best places to eat in Kingston. Remember, me and every other member of teach exec is here for you 24/7 and if you ever want to chat about anything at all, we're here and would love to hear from you!

Nickname(s): Clacs, Bill, Greg 

Personal Pronouns: She/Her 

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Favourite First Year Course: POLS 262 International Political Economy! This course has taught me so much about how the economy works and understanding how money moves around the world! I am not a math person at all but the class focuses more on policy and theory. Would 10/10 recommend if you're interested in the political side of the economy.

All About Claire: Hey!! I'm Claire and I'm the Academics Exec this year! I am in second year majoring in political studies and minoring in philosophy and am in P/J. I am hoping to be an outdoor educator and a volunteer firefighter when I grow up! I love to swim, am a huge fan of just dance (specifically C'mon by Ke$ha) and strongly believe sour cream and onion is the best flavour of chips. I cannot wait to meet you and help welcome you into ConEd!

Talk to Claire About: Courses, clubs and Cogro! I am here for all your academic needs so reach out to me if you want help with course selection, dropping or adding courses, or study support! No question is too big or small so feel free to reach out about anything. I am involved in multiple clubs and sports so I would be happy to chat about helping you find activities that interest you! I also work at a coffee shop (Cogro) in the ARC and have strong feelings about their bagels so let me know if you want any recommendations. But whether its academic or not I am here to support you and your transition to Queen's!

Academics Teach
Claire Christie
Claire Headshot.JPG
Financial Teach
Cayli Niemann
Cayli Headshot.JPG

Nickname(s): GOLDie Lock$

Personal Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Kingston, ON

Favourite First Year Course: 206 Evolutionary Genetics - Biology is my major so I obviously like bio courses but this one is by far the best. I like how things get more specific in second year which is why i really like this class. Evolution is my favourite aspect of biology and I just think the content is so interesting! Also the prof Janice Freidman is one of my favourite profs I"ve had. She's so enthusiastic about the content and really makes it fun to learn!

All About Cayli: HI! I'm Cayli and I'm financial teach for 2022 Oweek and I'm so excited! I'm a second year student majoring in biology and minoring in math. I LOVE science and make that a personality trait. I love watching reality TV and spend hours on tik tok daily. I can't start my day without a coffee, preferably iced. Even in light of the current controversy, Kanye is my favourite artist and has been for several years but Kim is still my girl. But for my position, I deal with all the money and budgeting. I pay bills as well as create fees as well as bursaries for the teaches and incoming students.

Talk to Cayli About: ANYTHING! I can talk for hours. But more specifically school biology and math, pop culture, euphoria, music, literally anything. I also am from kingston so if you have any questions about the city please come to me! Also I'm a huge women in STEMM supporter and I could definitely talk about that for a while or just science in general, I love it!

Social Teach 
Nathaniel Dixon

Nickname(s): Instanate, ,Natty

Personal Pronouns: He/Him

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Favourite First Year Course: Bio 111 Ecology and the Environment. I've always had a slight interest in ecology. This course has propelled this interest even further. Professor Orihel has done a fantastic job keeping the course fun and exciting. I recommend this course to anyone who shares a similar interest in ecology.

All About Nathaniel: Hey everyone! I'm Nathaniel, and I'm this year's Social Teach for Orientation week. As the Social Teach, I plan and coordinate all social events during pre-week and orientation week. I am an I/S student with teachable in Biology and English. My hobbies include listening to music, playing sports, and sleeping in till noon. I'm so excited to be a part of this year's Orientation Executive Team. We have so much in store for you guys, and we're so excited to welcome the class of 2026 to Con Ed!

Talk to Nathaniel About: Anything and everything! The other executive members and I are here to support you guys through everything. If you ever have a question or need someone to talk to, I'm one text message away.

Nate Headshot.JPG
Marketing Teach 
Ciarán Allman
Ciaran Headshot.JPG

Nickname(s): Marcklemáre, Aqualad, Cakeboy

Personal Pronouns: He/Him

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

Favourite First Year Course: Film 225! Despite being a physics Major, I took this class as an elective thinking it was the study of Comedy movies. It turned out to be the study of Romantic Comedies, and I surprisingly loved the heck out of it. My roommates and I had wine nights and watched Romcoms every Sunday. It was a super fun class.

All About Ciaran: Hey Everyone! My name is Ciaran and I am extremely excited to be your Marketing Teach for this year's Orientation. As the Marketing Executives my responsibilities are to develop all Orientation Publications such as this website, producing and distributing the Concurrent Education Orientation Handbook, Organizing Fundraising and Charity events and overall conducting all orientation week marketing. I am currently in my third year at Queen’s, with teachables in Physics and Math. This upcoming September I will be completing the Orientation Grand Slam, having been a part of Concurrent Education Orientation Week all four years of my undergrad. Some fun facts about me; I am a massive Macklemore fan, I am undefeated at Mario Kart (Grand Prix 4 races), I go through about two tubs of Costco Hummus a week, I call a loaf of bread a slice pan and I don’t wash my legs in the shower. When I am not working, you will find me watching Survivor, working out at the ARC, and playing Intramurals with my friends! After a long wait, I am so excited to have an in person orientation week, and I cannot wait to meet all of you in September!!! amazing 2021 Teaches, this program, and I cannot wait to see your smiling faces in September :) 

Talk to Ciaran About: Feel free to come and talk to me about anything. On the outside I may appear like a weird physics student, but I love chatting about movies (especially science fictions), working out, rock climbing, hockey, Formula 1 (Hamilton > Verstappen), Survivor, The Office, how tasty vegan food is, my obsession with Hummus and the difficulties of having long hair. I am always here if you need advice or someone to talk to. I am going into my fourth year and over the years I have become well trained in supporting and welcoming you to our lovely program. Can’t wait to see you all rocking tricolor next year!

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