Why should I attend the Concurrent Education Orientation Week over other faculty Orientation Weeks?

Concurrent Education Orientation Week allows you to meet other students, just like yourself, who have been accepted into the Concurrent Education program at Queen's. These are the students that you will be sharing your various Prof classes with and whom you can share your joy for teaching with. 


Furthermore, we have a lot of amazing traditions and because we are a smaller faculty, we quickly become bonded like family. By participating in our Orientation, you become part of a legacy of students who have gone through our program, and get to share in our Con-Ed Love. 

To learn more about why participating in the Concurrent Education Orientation Week is a great idea, a few upper-year Con-Eddies will be sharing their Orientation experiences for you to read about down below! To find out when these testimonials will be uploaded, follow our Instagram page and join the Queen's Con-Ed '25 page on Facebook for the details!